Technical Linkages

For Piston manufacture, a Technical Licensing and Technology transfer agreement with Sakura Kogyo Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan, was actively persued from 1991 to 2010. We can manufacture almost any type of aluminium piston in use up to a diameter of 150mm, including cooling gallery and alfin type pistons, hard anodized and molyflon low friction coated pistons.

For Liner manufacture and sales, there was a similar arrangement with Stonebridge Engineering of the United Kingdom. Our liner manufacturing facilities are comprehensive and integrated. From an electric melt shop, centrifugal casting, CNC machining, Plateau honing and complete inspection facilities to Parkerizing surface treatment. Nitriding is available via sub-contract by reputable heat treaters.

New Model Development

We have the capability to develop new models according to your requirements, depending on quantity and time-frame. Kindly contact us with your requirements (engineering drawings, quantity, etc).

Important Advancements of “SK” Pistons